Show And Club Rules

Coggins: Current coggins papers required at the gate for all horses over 6 months of age as required by the State of Tennessee. You may not bring horses on show grounds without coggins papers.



  1. Youth is under 18 years as of Jan. 1 of the current show year. No youths to handle or show stallions.


  2. Adult is 18 and over.


  3. Open Classes include all ages


  4. Pads no more than 1/4 of an inch thick will be allowed on horses. NO ACTION DEVICES.


  5. Novice rider/exhibitor is a person who has not won more than 6 blues prior to the current show year


  6. The age of a horse shall be computed on the basis of a calendar year starting January 1st of the year foaled. It is a weanling during the calendar year         following its foaling date, regardless of the actual date foaled. (Example: a horse foaled any time in the year 2005 is considered to be one year old               Jaunary 1st 2005 and 2 years old on January 1st 2007.


Exceptions: Non-Saddlebred Racking Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses -- October, November, and December foals are accepted for classes with foals of the following year. Paso Fino horse's age is determined by the age it would be if its next birthday would be January 1st of the current show year (October 1 to September 30).


  7. All dogs must be on a leash


  8. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances allowed on show property at any time. Those violating this rules will be asked to leave.


  9. The Crumley House Equestrian Club or The Crumley House will not be responsible for any accident or injury before, during, or after a show.


10. Participants in any event do so at his/her own risk.  All exhibitors 17 & under MUST WEAR HELMETS. Riders in jumping classes and youths in speed           classes are required to wear helmets. Everyone handling or riding horses or ponies must sign a liability waiver  with show officials. Parents or                       guardians must sign waivers for minor exhibitors.


11. Judges' rulings and placements are final and must be respected.


12. All horses delivered to The Crumley House Show Ground shall be serviceably sound, free of communicable disease, and accompanied by a negative         Coggins test performed within twelve months of that date. Failure to comply with any of the above listed will be in violation and the horse shall be                 removed from the grounds.


13. Misrepresentation of a horse's identity, name, age, elibility for a class, registered or recorded number, or other information on an entry blank, or                   substitution in the show ring of a horse other than one named on the entry blank for the class in question shall result in the exhibitor's forfeiture of any          ribbon,trophy,cash prize, or other award won by such misrepresented or substituted animals. It shall be the duty of the Ring Steward to report any               misrepresentation or substitution to Management without waiting for protest.


14. You must be a current member of the Crumley House Equestrian Club to recieve year-end awards.


15. Requirements for year-end awards include paid membership of the current show year and completing a nomination form. No nomination fee is                     required for most year-end awards. A "Super Horse" award will be presented to the horse accruing the most points over the show year and a separate         nomination form plus a $15 nomination fee are required for that award.  An "English Horse of the Year" award will be presented to the horse accruing           the most points in halter & English classes.  A "Western Horse of the Year" award will be presented to the horse accruing the most points in halter &             western classes.  A "Super Rider" award will be presented to the exhibitor accruing the most points.  In order to win any of these 4 special awards, a           separate nomination form plus a $15 nomination fee are required.


16. Points start when the treasurer has received your membership dues and nomination fees. Your membership expires on December 31. Any points won         prior to the date the owner/rider becomes a member of the association will NOT count toward the year-end awards.


17. Unless specified, points will be awarded to the horses.


18. If a tie for High Point Award, the horse that has shown against the most horses in that class wins.


19. The Crumley House Equestrian Club follows rules and regulations of United Racking Horse Breeders Association and the AQHA rules and regulations.       All judge's decisions are final.


20. A $25.00 fee will be required on all returned checks.