2016 Show Season Winners

2016 Show Season Winners Class 2: Western Halter – Reserve Champion, Blackfoot Indian; Champion, Cowboy Class 3: Non-Stock Halter – Reserve Champ, Sovran’s Grand Finale; Champ, Epic Journey Class 4:Most Colorful @ Halter – R.C., Van Gogh; Co-Ch, Blackfoot Indian, Skeets Tuff Frost Class 5:Mini Horse/Pony/Donkey Halter – RC, Mr Marshmellow; Ch, Skip’s Drifting Sand Cl. 6:Showmanship – RC, Sovran’s Grand Finale; Ch, Why Not This Vintage Cl. 7: none Cl 8: Lead line awards Cl 9: Walk – RC, Thunderstorm; Ch, Prince Cl 10: Jack Benny Gaited – RC, None; CH- Little Rock Cl 11: Jack Benny Non-Gaited – RC, Tiger Lily/No Rime No Reason; Ch –Why Not This Vintage Cl 14: Novice Western – RC, Slow Ranger; C0-Ch, Sheeza Diamond & Just Awesome Cl 15: Western Walk-Jog (youth) – RC, Slow Ranger; Co-Ch, Dale & Tiger Lily/No Rhyme No Reason

Cl 16:Western Walk-Jog (adult) – RC, Tiger Lily/No Rhyme No Reason; Ch, Cowboy Cl 17:Juvenile Western Pleasure (10 & under) – RC, Slow Ranger; Ch, Mr Marshmellow Cl 18:Juvenile Western Pleasure (11 +) –RC, Tiger Lily/No Rime No Reason; Ch, Dale Cl 19: Western Equitation – Co-RC, Caleigh Reichardt & Ann Waters; Ch – Arlene Riddle Cl20: Western Pleasure – RC, Suddenly Cool Chips; Ch – Cowboy

Cl 21:Pony Walk/Jog: RC, Mr. Marshmellow; Ch, Epic Journey

Cl22: Non-Stock Western Pleasure: RC, Tiger Lily/No Rime No Reason; Ch, Sovran’s Grand Finale

Cl 23: Flat Shod Racking: RC, TN Tucker; CH, Mullin’s White Lightning

Cl24: Gaited Pleasure: RC, Mullin’s White Lightning; CH, Majors Thunder Spirit

Cl25: Open Championship Western Pleasure: RC, Tiger Lily/No Rhyme No Reason; CH Cowboy

Cl 26: Open Championship Gaited Pleasure: Co-RC, Rango, Black Betty, Mullin’s White Lightning; CH,Santana’sGolden Sky

Cl 27; Obstacle Course (in hand): RC, Just Awesome; Ch, Heidi

Cl28: Jack Benny Obstacle Course (in Hand): RC, Copper; CH, Skip’s Drifting Sand

Cl 29: Obstacle Course (mounted): RC, Cowboy; CH, Copper

Cl30: Novice English: RC Smarty; CH Heidi

Cl31: English Walk/Trot: Co-RC, Dare to Compare, Heidi, No Rime No Reason; CH, Mr Marshmellow

Cl32: English Walk/Trot: RC, Epic Journey; CH, Van Gogh

Cl33: Hunter Under Saddle: Co-RC, Wimpy’s Last Chance, Jackson Browne, Epic Journey, Mizter Maestro; CH,VanGogh

Cl34: Juvenile English Pleasure (10 & younger): Co-RC, Mini Me, Prince; CH Mr Marshmellow

Cl35: Juvenile English Pleasure (11+): RC, Dare to Compare; CH, No Rime, No Reason Cl 36: Equitation, English: RC, Caleigh Reichardt; CH Adeline Melvin

Cl37: Pony Hunter: RC, Heidi; CH Mr Marshmellow

Cl38: Saddleseat Pleasure: RC, Tie Bow; CH, Cold November Rain

Cl39: Non-Stock English Pleasure: RC, No Rime No Reason; CH, Cold November Rain

Cl40: Open Championship English Pleasure: Co-RC, No Rime No Reason & Cold November Rain; CH,MrMarshmellow

Cl41: Ground Rail Hunter: RC, Van Gogh; CH, Heidi Cl 42: Cross Rail Hunter: RC, Heidi; CH, Mr Marshmellow Cl43: One foot Hunter: RC, Mini Me; CH, Mr Marshmellow Cl44: Two Foot Hunter: RC No Rime No Reason; Co-CH, Saphire Noel & Leap of Faith

English Horse of the Year: RC, Van Gogh; CH, No Rime No Reason Western Horse of the Year: RC, Sovran’s Grand Finale; CH Cowboy SUPER HORSE 2016: RC, Tiger Lily/No Rime No Reason; CH, MR MARSHMELLOW

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